WordPress 4.6 Released

Hey WordPress theme and plugin authors,

WordPress 4.6 was released earlier today. Hopefully you’re already across the changes and have made sure your items work with WordPress 4.6, but if not, I’d recommend you check out the WordPress 4.6 Field Guide. Thanks!


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Thanks a lot for informing us, yes we will have to make some of the changes in all of our items so that these items are compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

Can you add the version to the “Software Version” field?

Why don’t add it before the release? It’s not a secret after all!

Also get rid of the minor releases, they just distract!


And if we are talking about versioning, hopefully sooner or later we will also have a field on item details where we can specify our item’s version. It would be extremely helpful, not only on themeforest or codecanyon, but on all markets too :heart_eyes:

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I downloaded Wordpress 4.6 yesterday and its great as always :slight_smile: