Development of a design from the png - Copyrights

Well i coded a landing page from the png of one of the PSDs, to practice my html, css, & js skills… can i show it to clients / Upwork portfolio with full crediting the design of the landing page to you by providing the link to the full PSD theme ?

Show it - probably

Sell it - almost certainly not

Best option is to contact the original author and talk to them about it

Actually, he can do both.

He owns the copyright of the code. The design, if shared online can be reproduced as code per X Act, unfortunately it is legal :slight_smile:

I didn’t know that - is it still legit if the png was part of an item eg a PSD downloaded from here or was, for example an item preview image etc.?

If done from a preview image, it is 100% legal because most probably there will be more than 9 differences. A " insane " law that is around says that if something has more than 9 differences ( even in 1px for example ), it is something completely different and can be reproduced or sell under new owner.

So, if you buy a PSD and you make it HTML / CSS it is your own copyright and you can do anything with it as your " own " work. You are showcasing the HTML / CSS work and not the design work ( again, a tricky way to sell your skills ) :wink:

Thanx for your responses, just to make sure its okay to do that, i contacted the author and i’m waiting for a reply.