Do I have the right to give permission?

Hell friends,

I made design PSD. And uploaded on Themeforest.
My partner from Themeforest developed HTML from my PSD and uploaded from him account.

Today I was contacted by another developer with a proposal to make the Joomla from html.

And so the question:
Am I entitled to send html or do I need permission from the developer who developed the html?

Thank you

It’s your design, you own it. You can do whatever you want.

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You will need the html developers permission as they made the item not you so only they have the permission for someone else to be sent a copy to make into another item


Actually, you will need permisson,

From what i understand, you only made the PSD and your partner made the HTML.

It’s not ok to send your partners work to another developer.

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This should have been the case only if the PSD design full rights were sold to the person developing the HTML. Here, still both the parties are under partnership. So, the owner of design do have the rights.

But, I guess you should still talk with your partner and decide.

unfortunately @crelegant - just because they partnered on an item doesn’t give the PSD author full rights over anything created from the PSD, as it was developed separately by another author… if I design a car and Volvo build it, I can’t sell the framework to the car to Ford so they can build another car…

The PSD author gave the other author permission to use their item for another item, copyright comes in on the new item to the author who build that item…

Sounds right. :slight_smile: Thanks for explanation.

Thank you :blush:

Many thanks for the detailed answer :sunny:

Thank you so much