Detailed Discussion on TAXES in Pakistan


I started my online Freelancing about 3 months ago and I am having a blast! I think I can grow very fast and earn a lot of money online. I had to cross a lot of hurdles already in opening bank account, opening online Payment Processor account and so on simply because I am in Pakistan :frowning:

The next hurdle in my way is TAXES. I have no idea if online earnings are taxable and if it is, how much tax should be paid?

I did some research and landed on PSEB (Pakistan Software Export Board) website

It says there are alot of benefits of registering with them and the very first benefit as you can see is “Tax exemption on exports of IT services”.

So I want to know some advice from Pakistani community websites who are doing it for some time now and are earning BIG. Please dont tell me “I dont have to Pay Tax because no one does in Pakistan”. Its a matter of personal preference as to who wants to pay tax and who does not want to pay tax.

Really appreciate the feedback from our community! Looking forward to have this post as a detailed guide for taxes in Pakistan.

Well, I suggest you to contact Federal Board of Revenue to get the authentic information about Tax.

There is no enough information regarding this matter on their website. Can you plz link me to the right place on FBR website?

Contact them through helpline, here is the link FBR Help Line.

Thank you. Will do so but my main aim of opening this post is to get direct feedback from community members not FBR :slight_smile:

IT / Online Income is Tax exempt till 2018 so dont worry about taxes :smiley:

Thanks for taking time to post your thought! I heard that too. Basically, I heard a bit different version. Right now, IT/Software income is exempt till July 2016 but the Government will increase that date to 2018.

Also, someone told me that your income is TAX exempt from business TAX but you do need to pay Personal income TAX

Is there any document I can attach with my income tax returns that shows this to FBR?

anyone else?

Looking for same Tax Solution, did anyone solved this issue?

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