Whats your solution for paying taxes (Poland) ?



Hello fellow authors, how do you go about paying taxes from your Envato sales? If you had a 1000 sales per month do you still have to look into every invoice and account every single micro sale? Or do you just summ up how much you made each month and pay tax from that? The problem is Poland speciffic, but Im curious how do you go about it in your countries, perhaps I move there :smile:


@Epix_Inc - Just one invoice to Envato at the end of the month, for the whole amount you get, should suffice :wink:
Anyhow, ask your accountant, that’s the right thing to do.


Come Turkey no taxes :)) :stuck_out_tongue:


And what about VAT?

My accountants solution was to go through each invoice individualy so, yeah, I guess she has not addapted yet. Im going to talk to some people from my IRS tomorrow… hopefully they will give me the solution. They seem like a nice bunch of people ;]]


Turkey sounds good :slight_smile:


Are you sure about that?


VAT is accounted by Envato, you don’t have to.
Also, if your company earns under 65K Euro/year, you don’t pay VAT.


I was curious, so I looked into the taxes in Turkey. So before everyone starts booking their flights, they should be aware that self employed people most definitely do have to pay taxes on their earnings! Taxes vary from 15 to 35% depending on your earnings. 15% for less than 10K, 20% for 10K to 25K, 25% for 25K to 88K and 35% for earnings over 88K.

Just so you know!


Anyway, Hong Kong is actually a place where you would NOT pay taxes on something like this. Anything consumed outside of Hong Kong is tax free. That’s why you see all the eBay stores there… And there is no VAT. Go there to buy your new phones and computers. The flight pays for itself. :smile:

Not as easy to just move there and start a business though…


Hi, i’m planning to create a business on Hong kong and i was wondering if envato will withold tax from me as a HK company for the Us Buyers. Thank you for your help