3 sales but not happy

today got 2 sales but due to U.S withholding tax i only got 5.5$ instead of 10$.
soo 10x3=30$ but due to tax 15$ only

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ok :slight_smile: nice to know that thank u

I see you’re from Pakistan, so you can be exempt from the US taxes completely. Go to your profile Settings >> Tax information, and fill the form over there and be sure to include your Tax ID number. :slight_smile:

filled :blush:
But you know previous tax which i cant get back is a Big Thing

If you’ve got your first three sales in one day, then the potential sales for the coming weeks, months and possibly years are a much bigger thing! I’d forget about the $15 you’ve lost and think about the almost $5k you’ll lose over the next year if you don’t fill out the W8!

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