Designer : Is it good ? | I want your advice

Hey all, i want to share my last template that i made , i really want to know your guess about it, i mean about design colors ect… to let it good look and upload it into themeforest so it should be high quality [im newer in this marketplace], i have submited two items but no result always rejected ! this is the first template which i havn’t uploaded yet after your advice
i called it White Resume - WR
please copy the following link because i got an error of adding this topic "You cannot add a link to this topic"
Thank you!

Perfect. Amazing theme. Looks just like any of the bestsellers on here… Who wouldn’t want to pay for this sort of high end product?

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Hey goofydadog
Thank you for your replying and your opinion, your comment push me to improve it then i’ll writing documentation file to be ready on themeforest.
Thank you again :slightly_smiling:

I would love to see your first template :slight_smile:

Your link is sending our security crazy - how is this hosted?

There is something which our systems do not like (could be work level protection)

@goofydadog as I can’t see it yet - are you being serious or is your answer ironic?

Sorry but that’s way, WAY off. Everything is wrong here. You need to practice more, read through some articles about typography and webdesign and check out some recent designs on ThemeForest, Dribbble and so on.

@goofydadog is obviously being ironic, so don’t waste your time trying to submit this, this is never gonna be approved. There is much to learn for you before you will be able to pass reviews on ThemeForest, but it shouldn’t discourage you, everybody started somehow.

Try using a proxy or vpn. loads of free ones on google.

Yup - I think it is just our work security being a pain in a certain body part. Even proxy does not get round it!

Will just look later at home.


Hey whats the wrong i just copy my link and past it here! and on submiting i got an error so i should writ that link as a text
Thank you ; Kamal

Thank so much , I am not designer by the way,[im working as developer on some freelnace website] thats why i need some advices to improve my design level

Thank you , i have to improve it to be the best resume