Design trend predictions for 2017

It’s the end of the year and customers (like myself) are on the lookout for what’s going to be hot in 2017.

So, I’d like to hear from you, our taste-making community, what design trends you think we’ll be seeing a lot of in the new year.

  • Is flat design continuing or are gradients or skeuomorphism on the rise?

  • Will we be saying goodbye to drop shadows under menus and pop-ups or will we be seeing more of them than ever?

  • And will the suddenly trendy use of retro-ish colors like ‘electric blue’ continue to widen or is it back to minimal blacks and whites for new web designs?

Let me know what you think in a few sentences. And show me what you think with a couple of examples. These can be:

  • Screenshots of existing websites

  • A video that features that style of design

  • An image from the marketplace or the web

Whatever will give customers the best chance to understand what you’re saying.

We’ll collect some of these and put them in an article, email and potentially a video over the next few weeks.

This is a good way to get your taste in design in front of customers!

Leave your predictions below :slight_smile:


I think regarding websites and wordpress templates, flat will continue being in trend. Looks very clean and very attractive. However, some minor effects won’t do any harm (as landing page, as intro).

Talking about videohive, be prepared. I think that a lot of effects, titles etc. will be on OUTRAGEOUS SALE in 2017 for music clips.

As for graphicriver, flyers and logos, in 2017 in my opinion will be some major changes. Don’t now exactly but it’s just a feeling because there are a lot of talented artists.

Another thing: Please do not think that trending in 2017 will be black&white. Try to keep it colorful. That’s why we have colors. Black&White isn’t necesarly artistic. Envato is for designers and talented artists. Not a Instagram filter…

Whish you all a wonderful year !

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I’m going gradient crazy all over places and I don’t know why I’m obsessed with them! Not so long ago I rebranded my Audiojungle’s profile and I used a lot of gradients for design assets and in the past week I also setup the website of my own music school and still I did use gradients a lot…I’m not saying that it will be trendy, but gradients definitely never get old :wink:

AJ profile assets:

Music courses website (still messy and a work in progress tho):


2017 will be the year of Virtual Reality.

- Virtual Reality Page Builder
With the special Envato VR headset buyers will now be able to grab an element/shortcode with their hands and place it anywhere in the virtual world.

- Virtual Reality Demo Installer
Why click on a simple demo installer button with your mouse when you can KICK it with your feet!?

Virtual Reality Support
No need to send emails or tickets for your support requests. Now a technician will enter your virtual reality and fix everything for you in front of you!

Those are my predictions :slight_smile:


I think except the popular themes and big authors, all the authors will like to go for niche based themes like Hotel, Education, Construction and Business themes and minimalism will remain as the top trend for the buyers to prefer the themes. I am saying this because i think new Multipurpose themes are showing less sales and gaining less popularity.


I think bigger changes in 2017 is improvements in design for mobile and tablet devices. Because nowdays everything is via mobiles, bussiness, private things etc. We can expect really BIG changes in this field. More improvements from bootstrap and other libraries, also more improvements from browsers. Because there is a fight between browsers to adapt on devices.

Also flat design will be still popular, because it is cleaner than gradient style.


Not just minimalist but yet interaction will be actual in 2017. A good sample below

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Thanks for the responses so far everyone!

Remember to both tell me and show me what you’re talking about in your posts. Screenshots, images and videos of the styles you’re referring to are what I’m looking for as well as your thoughts in text.


I think themes goes More Minimal and More UX/UI friendly and More Mobile friendly and More plugin Ready (SEO, AMP, Open Graph etc).

Smooth + Clean + Minimal.

Of course there is an Trends are sitting the chairs and i think the Simplest Theme will be win :slight_smile:

There is just one trend - Creativity. No matter simple or complicated, flat or no, colorful or monochrome. Think outside the box of trends friends! :slight_smile:


i like minimal black and white

I love this and dislike the whole trends thing because not all buyers are into that. All they want is something they can use to help accomplish their bottom line. I only hope this trend talk doesn’t translate into how our work gets viewed in queue.

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Courageous colours and gradients

2016 was the year of bold сolours and gradient choices. Next to Instagram, who radically changed their whole brandbook, other Internet services started to use bright colours and gradients

While websites begin to look very similar to each other and the world of UI/UX is ruled by UI patterns, colour - is one of the ways to stand out of the crowd

Thus, it is reasonable to think that the trend of bold colours and colour-based gradients will continue to gross in popularity

Soft Material Design

Google Material Design got it’s new fork this year that is unofficially called “Soft Material”. The main thing about Soft Material is in big and soft shadows that are casted by objects.

It is same Google Material Design as we know it, but the shadows now are softer and whole design looks lighter

This style was very popular among designers in the end of 2016, so we can assume that this trend will continue to grow in 2017.

Text will be sidelined and the images will be in chief

Big beautiful picture on the first screen is a common thing among modern websites, but this is just a beginning. Beautiful and authentic images will become a basis for websites in 2017.

Of course, text won’t disappear, it is still an important way of communication between website and users, but the lead role will be taken over by images.

Less words and more nice images - this is the main slogan of designers in 2017.

Bigger… a bit more bigger… and once again bigger

Everything tells that typography that the typography becomes more and more noticeable. Big headlines will become part of the image, complementing its image and filling the additional sense of it.

Designers will combine fonts in a seemingly be combined combinations and it will look cool and unusual.

Also expected that in 2017 in website design and applications will be more lettering and calligraphy.

Card and Grids layouts

Cards - another great thing that is gaining popularity. Cards, made famous by Pinterest and then even more so by the likes of Behance, Facebook, Twitter, Google etc.

The information inside the card easier to isolate and separate from other information. And it looks cool.

The information inside the card easier to isolate and separate from other information. And it looks cool.

But the main trend for 2017 will be - creativity. New ideas are born every day in the minds of thousands of designers around the world, and each of these ideas has a chance to become the new trend for many years.


I’m sure it will be like this…

Interesting what will be with material design in 2017

definitely, I was going to create a new multipurpose but I don;t think it can get exposure right now, not even say that those items are on sale. No way to beat them or get a bite to their cake.