Whats the future of the design?

In the past -I mean til 2009-2010- the visual designs were more realistic shadows, gradients and such. People / clients loved such designs and it made the interface look just a real music player or wooden table or such. Then the era of flat began, people started using more plain elements. I guess maybe it was coz easy to code. Then I saw many using animations. I do interact with clients and they say they want flat coz that the trend now. I do as they say and they pay me. I believe this is how things are with you too.
My question is simple what you think would be the trend after 2 or 3 years from now? Do you think people would start liking the old realistic designs? or they would stay with what it is now?
This is not about the future of envato marketplace. I am asking in general.
If you have only a single line to say or 1000 words to reply. Please go ahead. This is an open discussion.
Thanks in advance.

Skeuomorphic design is never coming back. The current trends will be here 10 years from now, with better animations and more illustrations. Mobile UIs will get more and more important, and that’s why simplicity will be the key. That’s why I think UI designers will need to get familiar with (one of) illustration/animation/code/or even video in the near future to stay up to date. But that’s just how I see it.