Design for Hyundai's accelerator!

Hi friends! :slight_smile: Just thought to interduce you my new web design, For Hyundai in Israel! I’m fairly excited to design for such a big brand.
It’s a mini site design for a competition they launched in Israel: Young teams developing apps for Hyundai’s connected car.
Please tell me what’s in your mind :slight_smile: Thank you!!

Link to preview in my Behance gallery

Congrats on the work my friend!

hi :wink: it looks nice and well presented , now, as for me, i recommend designers not to ever take part in competitions, this is very bad for the design industry , for both companies and freelancers, who get , in most cases absolutely nothing and basically work for free for multi-million companies who make the most of them … .

Besides, a while ago (few years back indeed), i can honestly say i used to run a few competitions like this and stopped quickly, the best that i could get is having my poster exposed in coca cola’s China headquarters when i competed in a eyeka competition. I also had the opportunity to have a look at a documentary, and i realized even more how this system is a shame (and how eyeka s*cks). The customer, Peugeot cars (not name them) was just exploiting people out of cutting on advertising and research and development budgets out of having tons of submissions for one tenth of the price that they would have to pay to get their items made by a design company. The ugliest part was even that the big boss, himself, recognized, keeping submissions or ideas for future projects to get inspired from what he received, which means a lot as regard to how the system of competition is disgusting. We also have all to be aware that our work is endangered with marketplace system already , and is likely to be killed by these stupid competitions in which two or three submissions are being rewarded out of millions, so that ton of guys work for free. I suggest that beginners run a couple to have things to show in the portfolio, but certainly not that confirmed guys take part in this nasty system.

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Hi!! take you so much on your comment. Although i didn’t participate in the competition, i was designing their website of the competition…

this is up to u to do anyway, i just express some concerns for the future of our works, your work is cool in any case :wink: