Need feedback on HTML theme before submission


Demo URL :



I think that content wise it is looking okay. Although I think that the background graphic perhaps is a little old for what I am starting to see in the market place design… Perhaps the best suggestion is to see the current trending items and get a look at what they are doing and that should help on the design decisions… Although I am a minimalist designer so I am somewhat jaded, but I think that it is a good start… maybe some work on spacing and color selection could be done. Nonetheless I think that if you look at the current designs and do some comparisons that you will come up with some good conclusions…



It has a high resemblance to sahifa theme. so not unique


+1 It looks to similar…



+1 like as sahifa


the bounce effect on switching images is a little distracting i would suggest changing this to be slower or less apparent.


thank you all my friends , i will try do some edits and make it unique