Rejection #2


Once again, my year long project took another kick to the teeth. The first reason was:

Overall, this is a good concept but there are a couple issues here:

We already have a number of submissions with the same overall design and concept and we have to draw the line somewhere.

I think we’re reached a point of saturation. At this point, we’re only
looking for unique variations of this design: for another one to be
approved it would have to have a couple of unique touches and features
that differentiate it from what’s already available and definitely be of
higher quality.

Fine, so I wasted, err, spent another month making MAJOR improvements, and got told this:

I’m sorry but the earlier review stands. I'm not seeing sufficient improvements here. Your item does not provide the necessary design quality to compete in the marketplace at this time. As higher quality designs become available in the marketplace, approval requirements will increase to maintain appropriate marketplace quality.

Sorry guys, I’m calling BS here. Why? The traffic log on my demo site shows NO traffic, from anywhere over the last two days. The reviewer didn’t even LOOK! (May I name names, I probably shouldn’t).

So these guys just hand out rejections because they can? Too much work for them? I see weaker theme pass all the time, theme with LESS features and design consideration. If I were paranoid, I’d say it was damned near personal. He didn’t even look at the demo, how can he say nothing has changed? It is possible to ask for a different reviewer? One who will actually take the time to look?


hi buddy, sorry but what are we talking about? if u do nt show us, hard to figure out anything about your message / thread and design … so please post a link, a preview, or whatever, thanks


You’re wasting your time if you decide it was the reviewers fault. That’s not going to get your work approved, and suggesting reviewers are unprofessional is silly. By the way the traffic stats for live items don’t work properly all the time, so that’ll be why you didn’t see a view. I call BS on your BS. :slight_smile:

Look to your item and how it can be improved, that’s the only way you’ll get to the goal of being approved.

You should also tag this thread based on what kind of item it was, I assume you’re on themeforest but you can’t tell without tags so the right people might not see the thread.


It’s very normal to have rejections when you start here, ask some of the top authors.


I know rejects are very hard to digest (oh i’ve been there!).

But the reality is most likely your item - which indeed most likely was all sweat and hard work - it is in fact too common and does not not meet the quality level and cannot compete with others.

The true purpose of submitting items here and of this business is to sell themes/templates, not just to be present here and wish for sales.

My personal opinion is not to blame reviewers, but to take a step back and study your item, tweak the hell out of it and retry until you get it approved, even though it means to totally rebuild it. My first item got 11 rejects and worked my ass off, but now when i look at it, i’m kind of embarrassed.


Yeah, I did that already. Have a gander:


I know how to read logs. No one looked.


Sorry. Here:


thanks buddy , this way i could take a look :wink: as for me i think that this is nice, now this is not revolutionary so to speak, on the other hands, especially about web nowadays, revolutionary things are far from being a commonplace, so for me this nice :wink:


you are right, sometimes, when everything’s too fresh , this is hard to be having distance enough of what u do so that u can evaluate 1000% completely fairly your item, the problem is that we all see what they do accept sometimes and which are blatant inconsistencies, until we (because it also happened to me at a time) feel that rejection is making no sense … if they turn out to get rid of inconsistencies, any decision will be more welcome that it is today …


not only when u start Martin, even some high seller and very confirmed guys have at least sometimes , but for that matter u are right this is even easier when u get started here


in a general way u are right Martin, the problem is that all people have blatant inconsistencies (and there are a maelstrom of them until some guys get a whole portfolio made out of this … and ruin the reputation of a whole category at the same time, out of falling the global quality gamely) to refer to and think that rejections are thus very unfair if we consider the flat and poor things that are let go … . That’s also human for people to feel this way, they have been working hard , trying to push their own limits and a rejection is much of suffering already (this is doubt-generating), so if a feeling of unfairness is coming in addition , thats’ hard for people to get over.

Besides, u are right, reviewers and so on are competent, no doubt on the subject , now the problem is that there’s no coherent and well defined standard here (take a look at one day of submissions and also how from one category to the other expectations can vary gamely and u’ll see what i am talking about) and inconsistencies , at least some of them, make people sometimes doubt of the efficiency of the system … .

Some people talk about raising the standards to prevent saturation, especially saturation with poor or flat items, but let’s face it , standard has been raised and the number of rejections has been increased and the same good ol’ $#£ts are always being approved … what i personally dil to understand … .

Now, i do not purely agree with you about improving items and getign it accepted, according to my own experience, anytime, i have had something hard rejected (it did not happen so often globally until i joined), there’s no way i have ever managed to have the work validated, even when redoing it from scratch. In addition, we are talking about improvements, which is a good idea, embettering something and raising the quality that we offer always is, but how can we possibly really do when face hard rejections, as there’s no individual feedback being given on what’s supposed to be wrong … . yes, this is true, we can come here and ask other guys, but so what? we are going to have as many opinions and suggestions as people intervening and no clear idea that the matter off will even be evoked in the end , which is a hard thing to deal with for any other


This whole thing just bites, yeah? I’m not interested in fame, or glory, or whatever this ‘elite’ status thing is all about. My family is drowning in medical bills because my son is always in the bleedin’ hospital, and all I know how to do with any skill is write code. This venture was supposed to help ease that financial burden. As one of the lead devs at Redux Framework, we don’t make nearly anything (as devs are cheap people, and I’m one, so I can say that). :stuck_out_tongue:

All I need is one tiny little break here, and I can’t seem to get one. Oberen is NOT a bad theme, or bad design, or bad code. But not having ‘elite’ status, or having friends inside the TF machine makes it all but impossible to get a foot in anywhere. Just a little break, it’s all we need.


I have no idea why it was rejected , so weird


Sorry, it doesn’t look unique. There are already 100s of such designs on marketplace. Some get away, some are rejected. That is the strange thing.


Well, we’ll agree to disagree then. A theme is a tool that is supposed to give folks the opportunity to do ANYTHING they want with it, and that’s what Oberen does. You cannot see the backend, where the real magic happens. Many of these themes that get approved, do not offer the same flexibility. Or should I put the header at the bottom and the footer at the top? :wink:


Themes job is to control the presentation. And your design is amazing but it is not unique. And, the line should be drawn somewhere not to accept such designs.

As, I said some get away and some are rejected.

Now, how to get yours approved? Simple, work on it and bring a major overhaul to your design. Transform it like a transformer. :grinning:


For me the scrolling effects don’t work after it loads.

Everything is just a jumble.

Maybe it’s just me - but too many scrolling and moving effects happening here.

Just my opinion.


i don’t think that u have to deal with anything like this, because that would basically mean that the system is dishonest and people working for it either, when i think that this is very unfair to say just that (despite i have sometimes been wandering how we could get into such a system in which some - i mean a handful - guys could have a whole portfolio made of flat and poor things and lots of items accepted all the same). For me this is just that this is a system in which u actually are and that , for that matter , this is not perfect, for me, that’s something that we have to identify , so that we can also move on , which is compulsory anyway as no one would reverse any decision or whatever. What is sadder indeed is that despite the many authors com paining more or less legitimately but sometimes very legitimately nothing has been done to embetter this system and to make sure that inconsistencies disappear as much as possible (as this will never be inconsistency free anyway, we are all humans)

as for your situation, i am sad for you, really, now u have to understand that this place is no vacation or not a walking paycheck, here , this is tough, competition is more and more difficult to deal with as authors are proliferating inexorably and that the market that envato has is not proportionally extensible, unfortunately enough, hence the higher and still increasing number of rejections, the frustrations for authors and so on …


Ironic, first is was 'too plain, you need more animation, more flashiness", now it’s the opposite. The old adage that one cannot please everyone all the time stands, I guess