Delay or Reverb?

Hey everyone, me again!

What’s everyone’s preferred method when it comes to using reverb and delay? Do you prefer / use one instead of the other, or do you use both in moderation?
Looking forward to hearing your views on this!

Hi! I hardly ever use both. for example, I always use delay on lead guitar and never reverb on it. But i think if you need it than use it!

So you reckon it’s just a case of personal preference?

of course! some people even use a little reverb on kick drum and delay on snare (this is one of top authors, i asked him).i always use a little reverb on rhythm guitars, but some people don’t recomend to do this. Last tutorial i had is “Bob Horn : Rock mixing session” and he used reverb on rhythm guitars and just delay on lead guitar. This is personal taste, and of course you need to understand what do you want. Don’t use any processing just to use it. Sorry for my english)

I’m aware that too much reverb can tend to “muddy” the mix, and it can also (if used on lead instruments / vocals) cause the sound to dissipate into the mix, I think the general consensus is delay on lead instruments, and reverb on rhythm instruments, that’s how I tend to look at things when writing a track, question is how much reverb is too much?! Again, I suppose that comes down to personal taste too! :+1:t2:

It depends on what genre it is. If I make a post-rock track or some ambient type of music I use plenty of both, but not on every instrument. If I want a “in your face” rock sound I use less, maybe just short delays or room reverbs.

In general I tend to use reverb instead of delay for room effect and use delay more as an effect.

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Thanks Hyperprod

Do you use reverb as a group send, or as an insert on each track?

This is a great trick to help avoid your mix getting muddy:


Reverb always as send, delay send or insert.

Yep, thought so! Thanks dude :+1:t2:

I use reverb to all instruments in mix. Delay I use mostly to solo instruments (guitars, strings, ect) and to some instruments of rythm section (for example acoustic guitar).
In ambient music I use more delays than in other music styles.

@LuckyBlackCat thank you, appreciate your comment :+1:t2:

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I almost forgot:
Delay can in rare cases be used in combination with muted guitar and guitar harmonics. Its not common though.

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@Hyperprod thanks Hyperprod :+1:t2:

For the record: my last comment was a joke :grin:


You may use both but do it wisely. Even if it is a reverb, i still set about 30ms delay of reverb sound ahead. So your reverb (wet signal) does not intersect with dry signal too much. Also very simple thing it so add more reverb to instrument when there are not many other instruments in a song and when drums and bass etc. appears, set it back to minimum.

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Both, of course! And even more. Rhythmic delays, short reverb to create a whole space for instruments, long reverb for “space” and so on.

@Hyperprod I figured! Haha :slight_smile:

@Phreaspirit Thanks Phreaspirit, great tip! :slight_smile:

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