Hi gain lead guitar mixing


Hello to all! Now I’m working with my new mix. All fine, but when I mix my lead guitar, I understand that verb/delay sound not so cool that I want. I want to learn some new mixing tricks for hi gain solo guitar, but I can’t find information at youtube. Maybe some of you can give the link to tutorial how famous sound engineers mix hi gain lead guitar. Thanks for any feedback and good luck to all :slight_smile:


ducking delay is a good trick to get hi gain guitars to sound clean, but ambient. Heres a video explaining the concept on vocals:

There’s also delays with a built-in ducking function.
A nice trick for reverb is to pan the guitar to one side and the reverb to the opposite side.


it may be useful


Thank you!


Thanks, mate!)


You are not prepared! Good Luck :smile:


Don’t forget to cut low end (below ~100Hz), you don’t need it on solo guitar


Yes, I know it) Thanks, mate!)


It’s all about balancing the tones for me. Non of my heavy tracks have the exact same guitar plug in on any two guitar channels. I find it easier to balance them that way.


Thanks for your replay. In my track I don’t use plugins (live guitar reamped on Kemper), sound cool, but when I listen reference track I have feel that my verb and delay not so cool.) I want to see some tutorials to get new ideas and inspiration :)))