Datadog logs: exclude a service name from logs

Our logs are automaticlly being forwarded to datadog from AWS cloudwatch. We have two lambdas: production-sqs-lambda-subscribe-me and staging-sqs-lambda-subscribe-me, each of the lambdas has its own log group on cloudwatch with these names: /aws/lambda/production-sqs-lambda-subscribe-me and /aws/lambda/staging-sqs-lambda-subscribe-me

I noticed today that there is a new service called “subscribe-me-lambda” that collects logs from both of our lambdas (staging and production) and their log group (remember, each have a unique log group). The amount of logs coming from this service is much higher than the amount of logs of both of them combined and I find that really odd.

Also, the name of the service is subscribe-me-lambda and the name of the services related to the two lambda are: lambda-subscribe-me.

The only clue I have by now on how this service was created on datadog logs is the fact both of the lambdas share the same image that has the same name as the service “subsribe-me-lambda” - is that related?

Does anyone know what might happened and how can I make sure I have lambda per service in my datadog logs?

Thank you!