NullChase: Eliminate illegally shared copies of your items.


Some of Envato authors (including us) are demotivated and suffering from revenue loss because their items are being shared illegally and for free.Tracking and eliminating those illegally shared links is tiresome and take a lot of time which should be invested in item enhancement and customer support in first place.

NullChase is a service that tracks and reports infringements automatically without your intervention (most of the time). Set it and forget it!

We would like to invite some of Envato authors to try out the beta version. If you’re interested, you can join beta testers list.


Have anyone tried it? Is this genuine? Working?

I have subscribed but they only seem to take your email address out.

No software was given.

@cyzer Thank you for your interest, please join the beta testers list because in this period, only beta testers will receive an invitation.

@crivion Actually it’s a service (SaaS), you’ll receive an invitation email with sign up link next week. Stay tuned!

does the service is still active ?
Any reviews please ?