AWS Cloudwatch triggers Lambda function with a delay

I’m building an app for online radio, with Expo and RN, where the users can get notified of the program that’s currently airing. I’m trying to use an AWS Lambda function connected with a DynamoDB DB to dispatch the functions to the Expo Push Notifications service and am running that function in a 5 minutes interval with Cloudwatch.

Now, in the function, I send the notification and in the body of it, I add the current time and the currently playing title. Then, I have set up a Cloudwatch rule that triggers that function every 5 minutes. I expect to receive a notification afterward that contains the current information, the problem is that I get the time and play title 5 minutes BEFORE receiving the notification.

I doubt it’s a traffic delay or something since I’m getting the notifications every 5 minutes consistently but with the information of 5 minutes before that. I’ve tried creating a new rule with the same results. I’ve tried manually adding the cron expression to the schedule but I still get the same result.