Customization for Sabai Directory plugin

Looking for a programmer to do customization for Sabai Directory plugin.
I’d like to have a repeater field where an owner of a listing can select other members (Example: pick other directory business or partners to make a list of links).
I’d like this to be searchable.autofill so you don’t have to pick from a giant list (start typing name and member comes up - there are over 500 members).
I’d also like the repeater to have option for picking a member or making a custom link (title and URL).
The end result would be a list of titles and links (some members and some external links).

Also… the Sabai Directory plugin uses custom database tables for the dirtectory.
If it used a custom post type I could have done this with Advanced Custom Fields myself.
Another option would be for a programmer to make the directory member listing sync with a custom post type - I could then use ACF for additional fields and mods later on.


I’m interested. send me a message through this form: