Sabai Directory Integration

Hi Everyone,

I am having issues integrating the Sabai Directory with a theme and I’ve asked the developer a question however waiting to hear back from them – I wanted to know if anyone here knows the answers?

  1. Where are the insert function and queries for “add listing” is located and how does it work? I see that it sends data in json format in some tables. It’ll be great if they have any developer level documentation about the same

  2. Which functions and queries are used for displaying the data on the frontend?

  3. Which templates are used for displaying the data on the frontend if I have to customise that?

  4. I want to integrate Sabai Directory with my current theme – but i want the directory listing Profiles etc to be from the account “profile” form that is already in my theme? – not the sabai “add listing” form.

Does anyone know if this can be done?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!