Customer Support Script as a SaaS

Hi guys,

Does anyone know of a customer support script which we can install on a large server and offer it to customers as a SaaS. Should include an admin panel that can provision different customer accounts, PayPal subscriptions etc.Any clue guys?

BUMP! Anyone please share some SaaS similar to WHM but for customer support :smiley:


You could create that with WPMU ( I do it already ).
It will allow you to create different installations, add different themes, a KB and what ever else you want.
Front End integration is possible ofc

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Aha thank you very much!

Hi @HardcoreThemes.
You can check this script and see if it’s helpful to you:

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Nothing to do, with what he asked

Ok @KanonidisBasilis :slight_smile:
Just was trying to help.

Nah, just wanted to advertise your plugin :smiley:

well, it’s always a nice to promote our work!! :smiley:
But still, i thought it was something like he should need :slight_smile: