Customer relations?


Hi everybody!

I have been a member since 2014 but havent uploaded anything untill now.
So even if I have been a member for two years Im a newb on this :wink:

I have had two sales until now and my question is about my customers.
I cant find anything about them except witch country they come from!?
Isnt their info showed to me anywhere? Email, name etc?

I have seen someone write like “I got a new sale from a big Youtuber” etc etc
Soo I have asumed some info about the buyer should exist somewhere in my account.

One more thing, how can I set up so I get notified in a email that I made a sale?

Would apreciate some help :slight_smile:


In General, it is completely normal in the stock music world to never hear anything from or know anything about your customers.

Yet at Audiojungle there is one way: Simply go to your ‘Statement’ and have a look at the invoices there. Whatever information a customer was willing to share should be there…


And to add to that, google the info you got and you will find out all you want to know :wink:


Sounds a bit like The Matrix there Robert, blue pill or red pill anyone


Thanks for the help guys!
Never thought of click the links there, and with your help I found atleast one of them :wink:

Still have a lot to find out how this royaltyfree market works, And it’s always fun learning Thumbs up