Can you share sales information?

Hey all!

I just had a quick question in terms of rules for Audiojungle/Envato. I was interested in creating some informational videos on selling on Audiojungle, but I’m unsure of whether I can share my sales information. Obviously I won’t share the clients information, but rather just my sales and amounts of money I’ve received to give people a better idea of what it’s like to sell on this platform.

I think It’s ok!

I think you need to check with support as there will almost certainly be data which you can share and some which you definitely can’t. This is likely to vary depending on where you plan to publish it.

That said - is there really value in giving that info?

Surely every author and their respective content will be different so in actual fact the most useful info to give would be more generic and therefore more broadly relevant insight?

How may your personal results give others a better idea of what they can expect? Makes no sense to me.

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