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Hi, I am regular customer of envato themeforest. Now I am looking for a quiz html template but not able to find here. Please suggest me. My requirement-
I want to add questions and multiple options there in rich text editor.
Please suggest plan html template so that I can purchase those templates.

You’d need to filter it based on what you wanted to work in w.g. WP or JS etc. but here are a selection of quiz plugins etc. that you could then integrate with another template.

You are unlikely to find a dedicated template in that category but this route would also give you more creative flexibility

I need to enter questions for the online test with multiple answers. It would be a online test, I want to create it. In the rich text editor, I am facing too many problems like maths formulas are not copy past properly.

Do none of those linked items work as a rich text editor?

What about just embedding a Survey Monkey or Typeform sheet into any template? It doesn’t get much better or easier than these tools

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