Custom Lookup Database using Dropdown Fields

I’m trying to find a wordpress plugin or other script (javascript/php) which would allow to find information from a custom database by selecting dropdowns. Essentially I’m looking for an easy way to have a “lookup database” using a spreadsheet to find a final result.

For example: The user wants to find the name of a fruit. My database would come from a .csv file or other common spreadsheet file. The spreadsheet would look like this…

COLORS (1st column title)

TEXTURE (2nd column title)

FINAL FRUIT (3rd column title)

The dropdowns on the form would be the column titles. If the user selects the Color: Orange… they would then select a texture.

If they then select Texture: Fuzzy… they would be shown that the Final Fruit output is a Peach.

Is there any such plugin or script which exists to do something like this? In the past I have previously hand coded a system like this to find a specific electronic part out of a large data set, but I am looking to see if there is any easy plugin alternative to achieve this effect.

Terribly sorry if this sounds vague, but I’ve spent hours trying to find something like this with no luck. Have searched plugins and forums multiple times with all sorts of different word combinations. I would be happy to provide further information if necessary as I am very stuck with this problem. In essence I’m trying to let the user select dropdowns which contain descriptions to find a final product. I am using Wordpress and a Wordpress plugin would be best, but implementing a script if no plugin exists is acceptable to me.

As an added note it would be ideal to be able to have the chosen form dropdowns able to be sent (like as a contact form). As per the example… That way I would know the person wants a Orange, Fuzzy, Peach.

If this could be accomplished by using a plugin that isn’t necessarily matching this description I would be glad to hear a brief explanation of what direction to go forward in… for example setting up WooCommerce with some third party plugin to achieve this same effect.

Thank you in advance for your time.

I can suggest custom development.
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