CSV Import to WordPress CPT custom post fields

I have created a Custom Post Type and then used a plugin to create the custom fields for that post type.

It will display a type of membership: Name Address Zip Website

But I am stuck on how to take the csv file I have, which has 700 entries and import it to create 700 entries under the CPT I created and autopopulate the custom fields I created.

I tried a lot of plugins, but none seemed to do both parts. Some let me just select the CTP but I couldn´t get all the fields populated.

I want to be able to upload the CSV, select the CPT it applies too, then associate the CSV ids to the correct custom fields I created.

Willing to pay.

advanced-custom-fields import csv


My plugin, CSV and XML import, looks like it’s just what you need.

All you need to do is create one post in your custom field type. Then exporting that one post will give you your CSV example file.

It’s a simple modification to create an option for non-existent fields to be created as custom fields. Then, even without creating one post, my plugin should be perfect for you.

Thanks, WPShowCase

Hi Tarantino,

WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro can import Custom Fields in a Custom Post type. You can check on the list of supported third party plugins for the import. If you found the plugin which you have used to create your Custom Post type and Custom Field, WP Ultimate CSV Importer would be a perfect fit for you.