Crossed my 400 sales mark! - Lessons Learned

It took me 3 years to get to 300 sales…another 6 months to get to 400! Still not able to make a living from my script sales…but definitely good progress. Here’s my mini retrospective of this new development

Recent lessons learned

  • Invest time and write good scripts - I took 6 months and spent dedicated time writing the dashboard engine used in my ‘HTML5 Dashboard Designer’ and ‘PHP Dashboard’ scripts which are the bulk of my sales.

  • It’s all about saving developer time - if your script provides 10x or 50x developer time value savings, more likely your script will sell.

What I need to get better at

  • Web Marketing - still not sure how to web drive traffic to my product listings. I rely 100% on’s marketing to drive direct traffic. Ideas from the experts in this area would be much appreciated

My goal

  • Ultimately, I want to learn how to make a living as a codecanyon author and phase my freelancing. If anyone has tips for me, I would very much appreciate sharing. Especially from those that have successfully made the transition from hourly worker to author.



Congratulation @data_ninja :tada: Good luck for more sales :slight_smile:

Congratulations, @data_ninja! Wish you more and more sales!

Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Congratulations, definitely I have to improve my web marketing too.

Congrts @data_ninja best of luck fro more