I Reached 780 sales and more than $7000 earning in the first YEAR!

Hi guys,

I am so happy to announce one year of sales in CodeCanyon, I am so excited with the milestone I have achieved without any marketing or advertisement!

However I look for more than 1000 sales by the end of next month, I need to have your feedback on how I can improve my items and how can I advertise them properly to get more sales?

Please guys, share your feedback or personal experience or tricks to increase sales.

Thank you in advance :smile:

If you are earning $7000 dollars in your first year, I don’t think you need any help getting more sales. It looks like you’re on the right track. I mean, I’m an audio guy, but to me it seems you have a good grasp on the market already.

Congrats on that many sales in your first year, most people would be very jealous of where you’re at. Keep up the good work!

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Anyone can help??

Thank you,
I am selling in CodeCanyon.net, and I see that some people get more than what i earned in just one month, maybe they are doing some advertisement?
I wonder if the money paid to ad networks like adwords will be profitable in sales or no!

I don’t know about advertisement, but I think a lot of it is word of mouth. Make sure your profile looks professional and attractive, and leave comments and be present on the forums, this will help gain followers in the marketplace. Twitter is also a great tool.

I think at the rate that you are selling, you have potential to make as much as those other authors you mentioned, it will just take time.