Crossed my 500th sale today!!! (Lessons Learned / Need to Get Better At)


Just to give everyone an update on my journey - (see timeline - above - and my blog post about my journey from full time freelancer to full time author -

Hi hit my 500 sales mark today. Yay!!!

Recap of Timeline

• It took me 3 years to hit my 300 mark in September 2016 (ENVATO POST: Good news is...I hit my 300th sale...the bad news took me 5 years to do it. Need advice...)

• It took me another 7 months to hit my 400th sale on April 2017 (ENVATO POST: Crossed my 400 sales mark! - Lessons Learned)

• Then 5 months to hit 500th sale just today 9/1/2017. I feel I’m making progress but long way to go to making it as a full time author.

Lessons Learned

  • continue to be creative and write new scripts that “move the needle”
  • try to release an update or new product once every couple of weeks. I’m currently once every quarter or so.
  • keep price point low
  • listen to your customers, they will tell you what they need.
  • do something no one else has done before (instead of copying/recreating something that already exists)
  • establish brand for innovation

Still need to get better at

  • driving traffic to my postings (not relying solely on envato to drive traffic to my postings)
  • generate income (including freelance income) from scripts - price points too low compared to freelancing locally in Bay Area.

Looking for insight from other authors on how to drive more sales but I’ll take this as progress.

Data Ninja

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Note that “keep price point low” will not necessarily result in more revenue. It might result in more sales but the monthly revenue might be higher with a higher price point. More sales often also means more support which means less time to spend building new products.

Congratulations @data_ninja :tada: Good luck for more sales :slight_smile:

Congrats! Real success takes a lot of time, doesn’t it :slight_smile:

Yes. I was thinking of experimenting with price point. The feedback I’m getting is folks might pay more for more scripts. Thanks pqina!

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Congratulations, @data_ninja! Wish you more and more sales!

Congratulations! @data_ninja :tada: