credit on envato

How can I use the credit on envato… I have about 74 $ credit on envato account I need the authors of theme calluna or someone confident with it, giving me help with:

  1. Am willing to adopt this theme for a small italian seasonal hotel 36 rooms… 60% italian guests… 30% german… 10% french… do you think it is mandatory to have wpml installed or can I do otherwise too ?
  2. onlinebookingengine on frontoffice has no fields to put age of children… In Italy majority of small to medium Hotels sells and offers quotes based on number of occupants and age of children… not just x room.
    An 2 year in age child shurely doesnt have same rate as one being 12 or 14 in age… - just as example our rates are: 0-2 in age = 15 EU // 3-7 in age = - 50% on adult rate // 8 up to 12 = 40% discount on adult rate. - This is the way I know 80/90% Italian Hotels do work.
    Do you have a quick solution for ? Cause the engine is totally unuseful without a working option for this.
    How can I profit from the residual credit I have on envato to solve this ?
    Thank you in advance

Only you can decide if the theme works well for you generally.

  • likewise WPML is your call but I would imagine would be a sensible addition.

  • I would have thought that adjusting the booking form would not be a particularly hard job but is likely to cost a bit to have the author or a freelancer do it.

I would suggest asking the author first if they can/will help and if so at what cost (they know the theme best), or you can find good freelancers at

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Since wpml changed from totally free to 100&morebucks… it is reasonable

to ask others if it`s essential or not.

Someone knows how I can use my envato credit to solve those issue?

It is very frustrating having near to 0 assistance from envato itself…

In my view it’s 100$ now .v. How much you might lose from lost bookings if people cannot understand or navigate the site. Most travel related sites we have worked on do expect multi lingual options.

In terms of your credit - you can use this towards paying for the theme. Any credit left over cannot be withdrawn but can be put towards another purchase.

Any freelance costs needed to customise it will need to come from elsewhere and that agreement/payment handled privately



  1. I think that site having linking to and doesnt really need for a wpml since content is 90% static and not too much effort to manually translate. It`s not a social nor a blog or a multiplatform like booking or ebay…

Just asking if this would be possible wich I think it is.

  1. Would be fine having Envato or Themeforest giving better experience… My assistence period has expired and I haven`t used my credit at all - I dont need another theme so my money is like a gift to themeforest or Envato… hoped at least help during installation could be included.


Just a FYI -

  1. you might want to check with the author if using that structre could cause the different versions to be seen as individual websites as that could create problems with registering or activating plugins etc.

  2. each country website will need to be the same just in a different language otherwise you will need new licenses

Your credit does not expire (if it’s been there for a very long time then it may be removed but can be reinstated in most cases by support).

Unfortunately installation support and cusotmisation etc. are all not incuded as per buyer T&Cs etc

I dont think this would be the case in fact the content is the same, just language changes.

and as you see different languages are same level but sub/pages of the .com one

Hi @auraki! Just to throw out a few more options out there for you…

  1. You can always use “Envato Websites.” Installation and technical support are taken care of for you. Here’s a direct link to the hotel themes you can choose from, some of which appear to have WPML included.

  2. Envato Studio offers WordPress customization services. You could find someone to help customize the booking service it appears as though you want to do.

  3. Finally, you can find some of the best hotel, travel, and accommodation WordPress themes that authors have recommended to us via the link below:

Best of luck with the project!

For more recommendations and inspiration, try the page below:

I`ve already a theme bought on envato themeforest… I need installation & technical support for this one

Unfortunately, installation and/or customisation is not included in support

The best place to find someone to hire to help is


Really sad, would be fine from Envato to be littl bit more gentleman and give simply money back instead of this wich is like…

With all due respect (don’t take this the wrong way).

  1. as buyers, we all agree to the same terms and conditions which outline clearly how things work including purchase and support. Anyone who feels that these are unacceptable has the right to not accept these in the first place.

  2. returning unused credit is simply not feasible for numerous reasons.

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With all due respect (don’t take this the wrong way).

  1. as buyers, would you agree with someone that literally steals “your credit” after some date ?

You agree supposing that support is real and not just declared…

cause my money is good after 8 of march too and not just of 2017 or 2018 or 2019 but more…

Your support ?

Can you tell the same ?

  1. In my specific case I asked to consider that I have not used it at all and you have

no problem in verifiyng this… there are no other reasons. The author is the same. the theme is the same

Did you consider this ? Or what are we talking about ?

Tell me in real consciousness !!

Anyone who feels that these are unacceptable has the right to not accept these in the first place.

No, I don’t agree with any one of those situations. The problem is that none of those examples is the case.

I do however agree that if I agree to terms and conditions which outline that credit is removed after a period of time, or that support has limitations and so on, then it is perfectly acceptable for those rules to be actioned.

Again with respect why if you disagree with the terms of buying items did you agree to them in the first place?

Oh for shure… terms and conditions that are often just beautiful words… as I see from the majority of reviews…

and of course I know a lot of like-minded people … it’s always convenient to steal money instead of earning it!

I agreed with terms of SERVICE… did you keep any service to me ?? My money is worht your service today as it was a month ago` ? YES

This entire topic is a bit confusing and I feel like there’s a chance of some miscommunication and misunderstanding here. So let me pop in (pardon the intrusion) to offer some clarity, just in case it will help you out in any way. If not, then that’s fine! Carry on as if I was never here!

  • This forum is not for support. ThemeForest is a marketplace (kind of like Amazon) for sellers (authors) from around the world to sell their themes. If you need support, you need to contact the author of the item in question, not Envato or ThemeForest.

  • Contacting an author is not done via this forum, either. You can contact an author from their profile page on ThemeForest, or in the comments section of the item, or via the “Support” tab at the top of the item’s page.

  • For a refund of your Market Credits, you’ll need to talk to support at but 1) why did you deposit so many credits in the first place if you weren’t going to use them and 2) technically credits are non-refundable but they may make an exception.

  • Each purchase comes with 6 months of free support (again, only available by contacting the theme author - support is not available on this forum because nobody here knows about the theme you bought). This does not include installation services.

  • You can contact an author about installation services, they may provide it, but this will be done outside of Envato and you won’t be able to use your market credits for it, since ThemeForest is simply a marketplace for buying licenses to themes, not having them installed for you.

  • As others mentioned you can also try Envato Studio for installation services, but this is separate from the marketplaces and your market credits won’t be available for spending on Studio. If you absolutely need this then contact Envato Support (again at and see if they can do anything, but nobody can help you with this here on the forum.

  • For questions about theme’s compatibility WPML, a theme’s features (or lack thereof), or anything else in between, you again need to contact the author of the theme.




I will answer clearly

Take a look at terms and conditions on Envato… maybe 10 pages of content or more… ??

Not enough, on the page where the theme is sold… beside the theme itself it is wellstated 6 months support with no other indication.

You can open a second page where it says “what is included” and ther`s no mention about a Timetherm too…

You have to see just at the last row written in small a link that opens a… third page where finally it is told that support for

the 6 month`s is from purches date…

Ok it is very easy to find isnt it ??

Not to mention anything is written and available just in English where you aren`t just a small company… with 44700262 items sold

and this despite knowing you`re selling to an international audience or am I wrong…

It takes a while to understand that not anyone who buys a template is considering to install it next day ? Or maybe such in my case

hadnt this possibility due to an incident.

This said let me add that Themetwins automated login/validation system has always rejected the purchase code I had until valid period too.

I am not arguing terms and conditions but you must admit that the ones are overwhelming in their complexity and not so easy to find.

Yes would be fine to have consideration of all of this and simply tell this to the Authors as a selle of their item to make em understand that there was no support at all for the money I paid… and I paid. Credit or not.