Creative People to Watch in 2017 - Who should go on the list?

We will be publishing a blog post in January highlighting some of the very best creatives, both within Envato and outside of Envato. We’re looking for creatives across all industries - design, video, photography, music, 3D - anyone who stands out and is a leader or pioneer in their field!

###We’d love to hear your recommendations - tell us about someone that you think we should add to our list!

Respond below with:

  1. Internal Nomination: The name and speciality of a creative that creates or sells on Envato Market, Studio, and/or Elements. Provide some short-and-sweet info on the person such as what they do, their area of expertise, where they’re from. Include a link to their portfolio, website and/or Twitter handle and then a few words why you think they will be great in 2017.

  2. External Nomination: The name and speciality of a creative that you admire or follow online that you think will explode (creatively speaking!) in 2017. Think about people you follow on Twitter, websites you visit, or perhaps there’s a podcast or vlog you watch/listen to? Provide a couple of sentences about the person, include links to their work, and share why you think they will be a big success next year! Include links if possible.

###Everyone who enters and provides suggestions will be entered into a random drawing to win an Envato T-shirt! :shirt:

Although there are no guarantees we’ll use your suggestion, we will be reading them all and curating the best recommendations for publication on our blog! Finally, no recommendations for yourself please.

Deadline is 11pm (AEDT) on January 10, 2017. We’ll announce the winner shortly after the deadline closes.

Good luck!


Internal Nomination: Blueskyaudio aka


Fun dude from down under. I’m sure he’s on his way to the top if he keeps uploading.

I can’t believe that this has ZERO comments and ZERO likes. Show some love for Mr. Nelson guys! :slight_smile:

Be sure to check his other works on his Soundcloud profile:

External Nomination: Juno Watt
Watch out for this dude from London, he’s doing something called pessimistic pop. Super catchy, expect him!


Have listen:

More from him here, including social media links:

I’m wearing M btw :sunglasses:


Internal Nomination: WolfSound (Nick Tzios). He is known for his unique trailer sound designs combined with massive rock orchestration and his top notch production skills.

Imo he’ll do great in 2017 on Envato Market because he is on the quality side instead of quantity. :wink:

External Nomination: Alexandros Nikolaidis
Really talented composer and an amazing guy. His music is handled by top industry Publishers such as Colossal Trailer Music and Dos Brains.

2017 brings even more published songs and placements for him, with his quality rising day by day!



In my opinion this file will be very popular becouse of perfect work

I’ve only got one nomination this time, and it’s an internal one :slight_smile:

@SnailMusic is a joint venture started by Pablo and Fernando; two dedicated and hard-working creatives currently living in the island of Menorca, near Spain, where they plan to turn their passion into a living through AudioJungle.

They’ve got great music, built a brilliant brand and are developing a great presence online through their website They pour their heart and soul into every last detail and it shows. And most importantly, they are two of the most friendly and down-to-earth people I’ve met.

Not only do they deserve huge success, but I think they are headed straight for it in 2017!


In my opinion this file will be very popular because of it’s perfect work!

Me either have only internal nomination:

True professional in the music industry with amazing background and experience, great talented producer and DJ and a cool guy. Things seems to be slow for him this year, but i bet in 2017 you’ll hear much more. His tracks are both trendy and also quite specific with his unique touch, but what is most important - always top quality.

On the other hand you may also follow him outside Envato market if you like EDM and progressive music, i know a lot of things are there in the pipe :slight_smile:

I’d say, definitely watch Pixflow next year. They’ve been releasing some pretty amazing, creative and high quality stuff this year I didn’t even expect to see on VideoHive, and I’m personally very excited to see what they’ll come up with next :slight_smile:

This would 146% be Patrick Clair of Elastic. He and the studio was doing some mind blowing work! Have you seen those sexy Westworld titles? You haven’t? Stop reading right now and go watch it!

Definitely watch this guy in 2017, I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be a lot more awesome stuff from him.

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I adored the Westworld title sequence! And Westworld in general! Holy guacamole! I didn’t realise he did the original true detective title sequence too!

Consider me the newest convert on the Patrick Clair bandwagon.

PS- We should totally do a “favourite opening title sequence of TV shows” thread. I’d be so into that.


External Nomination: Travis Neilson
Watch his Youtube Channel, he is teaching people how to do design and web related stuff. Travis is a kind of designer that every front end developer dream of.
If you see this particular video, you will definitely come to a conclusion that he is the best.

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Internal Nomination: Diana
From Barcelona, Spain.
She is a Web and PSD Designer at themeforest and has done awesome work. Her designing sense is pretty creative and unique.
here is her profile
and her Behance

Its really great design

Every theme is a work of art.



Internal Nomination: i really impressive with @LeafLove Work in prints and I think he will be more creative in 2017

External Nomination 1: Mohammed Al Hiwy He is one of the great creative People in Motion Graphic that i proud to know him.

Sample of his Work :

External Nomination 2: Ahmad Adawy is the most creative painter in my town and i love his works so much.

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Hey, listen to this track by FlameLionStudio!
Outstanding cinematic fantasy track!

i really impressive with @mr_rimon Work in prints and I think he will be more creative in 2017

A sample work of him:

In my opinion this file will be very popular because of it’s perfect work!

This will be the best :slight_smile:

Wow heart touching music :heart_eyes:

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