What's your favourite TV show opening credits?

It strikes me that over the past three or four years, opening credits have moved from being a kind of boring necessity to a genuine form of art. Opening credit sequences now have industry super-stars, they even have trending elements that rise and fall in popularity, such as the use of hand drawn animation, or more recently CGI.

Opening credit sequences are a big part of our industry… I thought it might be cool to kick-start a thread where we can discuss opening credit sequences, share our favourites and talk about why they’re amazing,

To kick us off, I wanted to raise the work of Patrick Clair, who I actually discovered thanks to the shout out he got from @refractiontv in our creative people to watch in 2017 thread.

What I love about Clair’s work is not just how it’s beautiful to look at (I’ve never once wanted to skip his title sequences), but how he uses visual trickery to create symbolism which alludes to the themes of the show.

Check out the Westworld credits, and how he uses the Robot Body under construction to suggest the creation of a landscape (hinting at the man-playing god elements of the show’s narrative).

Anyone else have any amazing credit sequences to share?


Love the Westworld intro as well. It reminds me of another favorite of mine from Black Sails:

Maybe I just like porcelain style work with discordant piano music?

As a kid I was fascinated by Mouse Trap. So I love the intro to Elementary:

And the Japanese charcoal sumi-e style of The Pacific really inspired me:

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I like titles for ‘The Expanse’. Not usually a fan of space stuff, but this one’s not too shabby…

This one is great!

I think it’s a classic of the genre )

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The cheeky monkey of the year award goes too…