Create Header Image with 0 pixel height

my chosen theme say “your theme work best of with an image with a header height with 0 pixels”

How do you create an image with a header height with 0 pixels? when I create my header image, my Firework image program (png file) doesn’t allow with to have 0 pixel, but 1 pixel height at least!

Then I put 1 pixel height, but wordpress pops up “there has been an error cropping your image” !

Look forward to receiving any advise and help. Thank you!

Hi @LilinDing - which theme are you using?

Specifying “0 pixels” in height sounds like the theme author simply hasn’t specified a preferred header image size - you won’t be able to create an image with a width or height of zero.

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Many thanks for your reply. It is now solved.

I am using Melody Music School Theme. Where to edit front page/home page? I need to change the header images, sliders and button words.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.