Create a Movie Poster Using our FREE Photoshop Text Effects and Win $500-worth of prizes and a Homepage Featured Item Spot



We want you to create a Blockbuster movie poster using the FREE Cinematic Layer Styles Photoshop Text Effects in exchange for some awesome prizes!

What we’re looking for

We want you to create and share a blockbuster movie poster using the Cinematic Layer Styles Photoshop Text Effects.

Author LiveAtTheBBQ is kindly making the item FREE throughout our contest period so you can download, experiment, create, and share, and get the chance to win some awesome prizes along the way!

How to Enter

  • Download the free Photoshop test effects here and use and incorporate one of the text effects anywhere in your design.
  • Choose one of our categories to base your entry on:
    • Science Fiction
    • Superheroes
    • Halloween/Horror
  • Create an image in JPG format with a minimum width of 760px. Images only, no GIFs or videos.
  • Share what you create right here in the official contest thread by dragging/dropping/embedding your image into your entry post.
  • You MUST include the name of the category your poster is designed for (i.e. Science Fiction, Superheroes, or Halloween/Horror)
  • You entry will look like this:

———————————————————————— ✁ ——————————————————

  • Give your artwork a title and format your entry by copying and editing the Markdown below:
    # "Title of Your Design" _by <a href="">USERNAME</a>_
  • Include the category of your entry (e.g. Science Fiction, Superheroes or Halloween/Horror)
  • Post/embed your image Post / include an image…

———————————— :scissors: ——————————————————————————————

Extra Help & instructions

  • You may add/include other assets or elements in your design too if you wish (graphics, photos, typography etc…)
  • DO NOT use, copy, or manipulate copyrighted movie titles, images, characters etc… Please use your original creativity to come up with your own movie titles, illustrations, graphics, and artwork.
  • All entries are considered creative artwork and must NOT be uploaded or sold at Envato or anywhere else. All work must be your own.
  • As well as purchases / downloads from PhotoDune and Envato Elements, you MAY also use your own photos, or free photos anywhere online. Always check photo licensing and usage before downloading and using any images online. Some examples of free photo resources can be found here but again, always check the license!
  • You can enter as many times as you like.

Prizes & Judging

We’re giving away some awesome prizes!

  • :trophy: Grand Prize
    • The creator of the one, best overall entry from across all three categories will win a Featured Item promotion on the GraphicRiver homepage. This is huge, priceless, massive exposure to your work!

Note: We will work with the grand prize winner to determine which item, if any, from the winning author’s portfolio, can be featured on the GR homepage. In the event that the winning author does not have a suitable or high enough quality item already in their portfolio worthy of a featured item promotion, we will award the feature to another entry/winner.

Additionally, we will have the following prizes also up for grabs:

  • :medal_sports: Best Science Fiction Movie Poster
    • $150 Paypal / Payoneer
    • Won a Contest community badge.
  • :medal_sports: Best Superhero Movie Poster
    • $150 Paypal / Payoneer
    • Won a Contest community badge.
  • :medal_sports: Best Halloween/Horror Movie Poster
    • $150 Paypal / Payoneer
    • Won a Contest community badge.

Our judges will be looking for great design and eye-catching results and creativity using the provided Photoshop text effects.

See our full terms and condition.

Important Dates

  • Launch: Monday, September 25, 2017
  • Deadline: Monday, October 16, 2017 (11pm AEST)
  • Winners Announced by: October 27, 2017.

About the Author


Many thanks to LiveAtTheBBQ for making this item available for free! Check out some of the other amazing graphic design work by LiveAtTheBBQ available in his portfolio:

Good luck!



Good luck everyone! Can’t wait to see all the creations by this awesome community 8)


“Oosha. Episode I: Orion” by russgfx

Science Fiction


“Oosha. Episode II: Halloween” by russgfx



“CHRIS” by AB-Designer

Science Fiction


Thanks @russgfx and @AB-Designer for kicking things off, well done!

Think of all the popcorn we’re going to need to get through all these movies! :wink: :popcorn:


@scottwills A question… Do I can use photos free like or please help me, I am interesting for make contest thanks.


@JeriTeam Yes, you may! See the “Extra Help & instructions” section in the announcement at the top of this thread. Always check the licensing before using any photos. :thumbsup:


“Halloween The Creatures” by JeriTeam


“BLADES : MAX BLOOD” by AB-Designer



“The DEMON” by Wynio

Halloween/Horror category


“REALITY BITES” by Genius Creatives



“HERO” by GeniusCreatives



“Rise of Emperor” by SUPERBOY1



I love it, is good contest :slight_smile: good luck :wink:


“PYRAMIDS: the activation” by Wynio

Category: Science Fiction

3D by me


“Invation: The New Beginning” by Actionart



“INVASION: The Return” _by Genius Creatives


“Devil’s Door” by Swaleha

Halloween / Horror