Create a mockup from a picture and sell it?

I know it is not allowed to resell a picture from envato elements. But what if i take a picture of a person in a white shirt on envato elements, and do mockup and sell it to people so they can upload their designs. Is this allowed?

Greetings, Marc

No, it is not allowed to use images from Envato Elements to create mockups and then resell them, even if you are selling them to people so they can upload their own designs. This is considered a derivative work and is not permitted under Envato Elements’ licensing terms.

According to Envato Elements’ license terms, you are only allowed to use the assets for your own personal or commercial projects, or for a client’s project if you are a freelancer or agency. You are not permitted to resell or redistribute the assets, or use them as part of a product or service that competes with Envato Elements.

If you want to create and sell mockups using Envato Elements assets, you will need to obtain a separate license for each asset from the copyright owner or use a different source of assets that permits commercial use and allows for creating derivative works.