Corporate logo in preview footage

Hi everyone! I want to use a footage for preview for my new videohive item from here - There is a good fragment at 1;41 with two bikes on the stage and I saw many times that videohive authors use it without any problem but we can see a small corporate logo on the hand of right biker. I have two questions:

  1. is it possible to use such videos because logo is almost invisible
  2. Can we blur logos in such cases for preview files

Thank you for your time!

And yes, I’ve found some items where authors make some logos blurred in the preview. Thanks to me)))

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Yes, sure! You can blur it. I’ll even tell: You MUST blur it! Few times my pojects got soft reject. Reviewer wrote to me: “There are several third-party brand names/logos visible in there. Please blure them”

Yes! But I get “Replace video” (Unfortunately it appears the footage you’ve used in the preview video contains numerous corporate advertisements/logos (which are all copyrighted by their respective owners). Please replace the video that does not contain any corporate branding.)
I replaced the video and uploaded it)) And after that I understood that I can blur image (oh, my stupid brain ) )) But I was wondering is it allowed and then searched blurred video in preview files of other authors and found it)) After that I inserted old footages and blurred it and updated my item ))