Corel X3 and X6

I have a file that was created in Corel X3 when I worked in Corel X3. Now I switched to X6 and the file I created in X3 and his sketches and reviews are open good. But one file created in X6 does not open. What is this problem? I even found a setting X6 files open by default with the X6. but it did not help. Your opinions and recommendations how to recover corel draw file data?

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Any help would be appreciated!

I will guess if you look in control panel > programs and features you will find this missing.
In your case, you need the X6 shell extension, which will have a revision number starting with 16. It will continue to display thumbnails for X3, but you cannot display X6 thumbnails without it.
To install it:
β€’ uninstall any lower version CG WSE if one is shown in the list
β€’ find CDGS suite X6 entry (the suite, not the content) in the list and note the path shown as the install location (slightly to the right of my image)
β€’ in that folder you should find a file ShellExt.msi – double click on it to install.
If this recommendation does not help, it’s possible that file is corrupt then try a program to restore .cdr file. I personally use CorelDraw Recovery Toolbox.