Cannot find a viewer to open .CDR files

I have a few users here at my work that use the Corel Draw application to create certain types of Labels, etc. In our engineering department, there are documentation specialists that need to open up some of these files and put the pictures into documents, manuals, etc. as well as grab the part numbers and other things. The files have a .CDR file extension to them and I have searched the web for about 2 hours so far with no results. I have downloaded about 20 apps that said they opened .cdr files (along with all the other extensions) and when I installed it and go to open a .cdr file, the application doesn’t open it. I’ve been on Corel’s website and couldn’t even find anything there.

hi, well indeed as for what i know there are fewer and fewer people using corel draw right now, even if it used to be very popular, i guess the best way would be for you to get to search for corel draw items here, see some items and who made them and try to contact guys creating them , they might be aware of this type of issues and may help you indeed

just a question, did u try graphic converter? at a time, the app opened a looooot of extensions and files so maybe it would work , i don’t know

Hi I own and often use Corel Draw for some of my customers who needs this format and when I need the work to be opened in other softwares like Adobe Illustrator I export it into EPS from Corel Draw, so I suggest You ask your users at your work to save it in .cdr and also as EPS file, so it can be opened in most of other vector software.

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