No CorelDraw in Graphics Files Included section.

I want to start selling brochures, flyers and business cards … on Graphicriver . For design I use CorelDraw and I noticed that in the category “Graphics Files Included” you can not select CorelDraw, why?
If I only upload coreldraw cdr files, what should I highlight in the section “Graphics Files Included”. Or maybe I do not have to choose anything?
Does Graphicriver accept Corel Draw files?


U can save as EPS from coreldraw and then upload EPS. :slight_smile:

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Yes I know, but why is there no coreldraw on the list?

Debatable, but Illustrator is just a bit more of a professional standard than Corel, which is probably used a bit more in the design world.

Envato team can i get an answer.

You won’t get an official answer in the forums - you’d need to contact support Envato Help & Support Center

I will try, thx

Hey, if You contacted Envato team, please let me know, what did they answer. I would like to include .cdr file type in some of my items for more flexibility like icons. I’m already including .cdr in the download, but I can inform about it only in the preview image and the description.

So if they don’t include it, save it in .cdr and also in .eps .Ai and for example in .pdf. Then upload all three formats. This is how I do it:

the answer was, “CorelDraw is not considered an industry standard software, but you may include the CorelDraw files in your downloads, however it should not be in your main file. You may check each category submission requirements to see which file formats are accepted, but generally for GraphicRiver, it is Adobe formats such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.”

I do not understand why software like Affinity Designer which is on the market since 2014 is in Graphics Files Included section and software like CorelDraw which is on the market since 1989 is not. CorelDraw is easy and simple to use, not just for vector graphics, you can do a lot of other things in Coreldraw.
The reason why I wanted to do print templates in Corel Draw and sell them on Graphicriver because I like to design.

Reading something like this at

“We believe good ideas deserve a chance to grow.” We believe people deserve to earn a living doing what they love. "

It makes me sad

That’s all.

Not entirely sure what is making you sad. You can design in Corel, export an AI or EPS file for upload, and also include the Corel file in your upload.

Are the options in the dropdown box really that important, if it has minimal influence on your ability to create, submit and sell?