Hey there

I wanted to ask a few questions regarding copyrights. I have a product say for example a WordPress plugin. A similar product also comes on Envato market with the same functionalities. My first question is - A same product with same functions but just a different UI ? - Is this allowed ?

Secondly - If such a product is allowed, then what happens if the logic is the same but the code is different ? Like the API parameters are same but the code is different. Does the logic have any copyrights ?

I’ve been seeking for assistance and feedback from Envato team as well but have failed to hear back from them.

Would appreciate the community’s inputs on this.


Features may look same but coding is not the same for sure. You cannot purchase any item and change the UI to upload as new. It’s against the terms and conditions.

There’s no copyright for the ideas unless it’s something unique. Then you may claim from the author for a removal or contact Envato support but there’s no guarantee that item may be removed.

True. Even if this is the case, its okay if someone develops a product similar to mine. But what if the code is different but the logic at some places is same, with all input parameters also same but the coding different.

There’re lots of themes here, most of them looks similar except few options. In a perfect world, it shouldn’t get approval if the item even looks similar but everything is about money.

Short version, you may not entitled to request a claim if the coding and the design is not EXACTLY same.