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I want to know one thing, I have a friend who works with PSD template, so he have PSD template on his account, but i convert it to HTML template, now i want to submit it with my account, How can i do that, if it’s need something then please guide me.
NB: We are both agree to submit on my account.
Thank you,

get your friend to email support saying it is ok and include the ticket ID in your submission

should he go for help center?

yes, please tell your friend to open a Help Ticket and follow their instructions. When Support team will say ok then you have to submit your Item (HTML) with mentioning the ticket ID. So that Item Reviewer can know about Author Collaboration (you and your friend). Thanks

Thank you brother

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bro can you clear me one thing please?
What can i say to support ?

about Author Collaboration (you and your friend) and give full details as like psd url and all necessary as you think.

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