How template rights works here?

I am in the process of purchasing rights of a PSD template for HTML version.

so how does it work?

Do Seller and Buyer need to do an agreement?

or Seller should inform envato that he is giving HTML rights to buyer?

Any one had any good, bad experiences in doing this?

@jyostna I am also looking for this information.

Cany any1 with experience in this answer please…

You can open a ticket on the envato helpdesk and provide all the agreement info. And then, keep the unique ticket ID in case of problems. An e-mail is useful too, if you can also sign an NDA agreement with all the roles, percentages, etc and both sign it.

That’s pretty much it. After that, simply upload the item(s) and separate the earning as you both agreed.

Note that if it’s a percentage based partnership and one of the partners doesn’t pay the other, I don’t think Envato can or will do anything, it’s up to you to sue the other party.

Hi @FinalDestiny
Thanks for the clarification.

its not partnershup, taking full rights of it so no issues of paying/not paying.

my only concern is, will envato approve such themes (YES, because we see many…) or do they need to get any confirmation from PSD author before approving?

They might ask you for some kind of proof, yes. Most of the time they’ll ask the original PSD author to open a ticket and mention that you have the right to submit that item. Then, you can send them the ticket ID so they can verify

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Thanks for the clarification @FinalDestiny

He has sent a support ticket already