Copying slides

I recently bought the Motagua slide deck and wanted to copy and paste some of the slides into a new/blank presentation. When I did, I lost the page numbers in the right corner, some colors changed and the copyright went away. Is there any way to copy slides to a new presentation without this happening? There are four folders/slide decks, each with nearly 120 individual slides and I wanted to use a few from each folder.

If you just copy or then it will auto adopt the master styling etc of the new presentation.

You either need to set the new one up in advance to style and behave how you want or you can copy the contents of the slide (not the slide itself) and paste that into a slide in the new presentation using “paste special” and choose “unformatted text”.

That said if the new one is not the right size (many ppt files from here use custom or large scale layouts and not the default ppt size) then it may well still appear strangely and not like the original you bought.

Your best option would be to use one of the ones you bought as the master presentation then paste contents from other versions as unformatted text