Converting PPT to Google Slides

Hi - I downloaded several pitch pitch templates that were supposed to be in native Google slides format but they all download in PPT. When I import the PPT template, all the charts become pictures are not editable.

Any help / guidance appreciated.

This may help:

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Thanks but the issue is that Envato promotes the slide template as Google Slides but it only downloads as PPT. And the issue with that is: NONE of the embedded charts convert. So that means I have to recreate it myself.

If it says “Google Slide” template then it should be available in native google slide format with the appropriate google sheets embedded charts

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Graham Conran

Hi Graham - then your option would be to contact Envato and request a refund if the application does not work as advertised I guess.

I thought that it was only possible to export Google Slides as PPT, PDF or text?

Are you sure it’s not just a process whereby you have to have uploaded the data sheet as well as the slides? Otherwise where would the charts be populating data from?