Converting Codecanyon Plugin License into 100% GPL


We are Access Keys and we are selling our products in codecanyon from last 2 years.

We are writing this query regarding making our all products 100% GPL.

Once we make 100% GPL will it affect the amount of each product that we get on each sale ?

And also can anyone please explain us in brief regarding the procedure to make our product GPL . Is it just sufficient to keep GPL license.txt file inside the plugin folder to make the plugin 100% GPL or do we need to do something else too ?

Hope to get the reply.


You only need to change the license in your codecanyon settings page. You should find a link in the left hand bar to the “Item licenses” page where you can set it to 100% GPL.

You won’t be making more, nor will this change your items price. However you can always contact support and ask them to revaluation the cost on your item :thumbsup:

Hi Typps,

Thank you for your help. We checked in our profile’s license section and there are multiple licenses which are showing as below:

Extended License (More Details)
If unchecked, applicable items will only be offered for sale under the more limited Regular License.

T-Shirt Extended License
If unchecked, applicable items will only be offered for sale under the more limited T-Shirt Regular License.

PhotoDune Extended License
If unchecked, applicable items will only be offered for sale under the more limited Photodune Regular License.

For some ThemeForest and CodeCanyon items, you can also elect to license items under a 100% GPL license:

100% GPL License feature enabled (More Details)

We have unchecked in all and just checked in 100% GPL. But still our product shows Regular and Extended License. Does it mean that our new product will be only 100% GPL ? If yes then what do we need to do to make our previously available products 100% GPL? Do we need to submit the update of all the plugins with GPL license file inside the plugin files? Please advise.

We really appreciate your reply on this.


From the Envato help center:

If you want to opt-in to 100% GPL:

You can opt-in to 100% GPL at any time, for your new or existing WordPress themes or plugins.

First, go to your Author Settings (inside the Settings section of the account drop-down) and select the option to be given the 100% GPL opt-in for your items in the relevant theme and plugin categories. This will not opt in your individual items to 100% GPL.
Once you’ve selected this option, you’ll be able to change the licensing to 100% GPL for individual items in the relevant categories.
You must follow these steps for each item you want to be under 100% GPL.
For existing items, this option can be found in that item’s Edit tab.
For new items, an option to select the licensing will be shown in the upload form.
Important: Once you opt an item into 100% GPL you cannot change it back to split license.

So in short, after having made this change you must go in each item and “Edit” the item the same way you would when wanting to change the description of your item. You will find a GPL option here that you must check individually.

Hello Typps,

We really appreciate your reply. With your help, we were able to convert our product license to 100% GPL.


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