How to open Extended License option?

I found my item in Codecanyon is not with Extended License option, I wonder if there is something wrong or I have to do something for this?

In my settings I had extended license ticked already.

If you have that option ticked then best to send through a support ticket and see what is happening.

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Thanks, I just sent a ticket to the support team.

Hello, is it because the item is “This item is licensed 100% GPL”?
I was new to Codecanyon author, and I wasn’t thought that much as it is a LayersWP plugin that LayersWP is GPL, so I think it should be GPL.

If it is the reason, is it possible to change to Splits license?
This is my item:

No, it is strange to see that you cannot changeback the license. Now, you have to remove the item and again reupload selecting the appropriate license.

Before doing that, contact envato support and make sure they know about your situation first.