Convert After Effects Title Template to Final Cut!

Is there a way that I can convert after effects Template to final cut?
Any kind of help will be appreciated :slight_smile:

The only way is by re-creating the project in Apple Motion.

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There are ways, but they’re a bit beyond me as I’ve never used them. There was a plugin called Automatic Duck a while back. I think they shut down for a bit and then got taken over by Red Giant recently, so not sure if its available to buy yet. All to do with exporting XML data from AE and bringing it into FCP. There may be other ways, but I’ve no idea!

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The Automatic Duck plug-in does not do this from AE to Motion5. It only exports the xml clips from FCX to AE or Motion5. As I said, you need to re-create the AE project in Motion5 because the tools are COMPLETELY incompatible.

Nope. Not really. :slight_smile: