Plug-in for "After Effects"?


I want to buy one of the after effects in the “video” category and use it in one of my YouTube videos. But i would like to know if I need some sort of plug in to install them into Final Cut Pro X?

Because, last time I bought a template in the “Apple Motion” category but had no idea that I needed Motion use the template.

Thank you!


In the After Effects category, you need at least* the software called “Adobe After Effects” to edit the template. That is why it is in the After Effects category. Likewise, you bought an item before from the Apple Motion category and they need Apple Motion to be edited.

*Sometimes, there are plugins for After Effects needed, but this will be mentioned in the items description.


Most of the Apple Motion Files can be used inside FCPX. The text can be edited insided FCP and video/image can be replaced inside FCP. If the author choose to provide more options like color changing etc, it can be done inside FCP. But if the author of the file you purchased didn’t add the FCP compatibility to edit the text and add your media then you need Apple Motion.

Ok, so is there any template category that i dont need a plug in? Thanks!

Left side of the items page you see one filter named “Require Plugins”
There you can select “No” also please make sure the item description mentioned “No plugins Required”


Thank you so much! You are the best!!!

You use the word plug-in wrong. After Effects is a video editing software and for this software there are plugins available. After Effects itself is not a plugin for Final Cut Pro or so. Even if you select the no plugins filter, that still means you need the main software the template is for.

You cannot use any After Effects template without After Effects. Some Apple Motion templates can be used with Final Cut Pro X I believe but in that case he author will make sure to mention it in the item description so if there is no mention of this in the description you will most probably not be able to edit the template without Apple Motion.

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