Content ID Old tracks question.

Hi there!
Once I’ve asked one non-exclusive library what do they think if I’ll register my old tracks with Content ID in terms of protecting my music for illegal use, they told that it is at least unfair in regard to buyers who bought license before, because they bought it as Content ID free music. And now they’re going to receive claims. Fair point. Your thoughts on it?

That is indeed a fair point.

However, my policy is that making a living and maximizing my income is top priority, so creating some annoyed customers is worth it.

…and I definitely don’t take advice about what’s fair from any stock libraries. That would be insane. :slight_smile:


This library doesn’t seem to understand the ecosystem they are a part of.

Registering your tracks with ContentID is the only responsible way to go. This is the only way to protect your customers (even prior ones) against fraudulent claims.

How is it unfair to the buyers? You are not voiding their license, merely enforcing them by checking the receipt.


Agreed. But still there is a misunderstanding yet that Contend ID music is something scary and unknowing which leads to problems with claims. Many still avoid this term “Content ID”.

Even some big libraries, still trying to get away from Content ID music.