Contact form on html template should work?

Hi guys
I designed a HTML template and send it themeforest
In my template there is a contact form and subscribe form
This forms should work?


Better if they work. You can use AJAX and basic PHP to achieve it.

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If they don’t I guarantee you will get a load of pissed off buyers!

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I have not learned php and Ajax yet
If my form does not work, will I be rejected?
I’m worried :pensive:

So I can not do without learning PHP in this market?
I only know the html, css and jquery professionally :persevere:

There are tons of tutorials on google and it’s not too difficult to learn quickly

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Sorry for my questions
I’m confused
So I need to delete the item I sent?
Or may my item be approved?

No it’s not a requirement but it’s something you will want to look at rectifying asap if approved

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