Form extension (php)

Currently I have a website with a form driven by PHP. What is working.
The website/template is from: Https://
I have only extended the form with more fields. Who can ensure /help that this also will be forwarded into the mail when submitted?
Is this a job for you? Contact me and I will send you my website address and we will discuss the price.


You need help to build another form or help that when you fill that form get data from that form on mail?

I already have a form made in html.
The template ‘elementy’ already provided a php that get data from a basic form (contact page. Name, mail and message) and send it to my mail adres.
This php provided a nice succeed and error options. But now i made a new form that should act the same. It is almost the same and should has the same functions. Only this form contains more fields to fill in and when you fill that form the php should get that data from that form and send it on mail to me :wink:

Hello, i think i can help you with that